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What We Do

Absolute-NT represents local and international film and television producers in Thailand as a non-theatrical rights licensing company servicing a variety of markets throughout the Kingdom. We represent thousands of different titles across all genres suitable for audiences of all ages and nationalities.

We work to raise awareness and educate the public about creators’ rights by enabling the use and enjoyment of our clients’ award-winning films and television programs while ensuring compliance with Thailand’s copyright law.

Absolute-NT licensees can safely and legally screen our licensed movies and TV programs to their customers and clients in the course of their business operations secure in the knowledge that they compliant with Thailand’s laws and respecting creators’ rights.

Why We Do It

Movies and television programs are enjoyable forms of public entertainment, and business operators and service providers in Thailand have long recognized the added value, ambience, and competitive edge that filmed entertainment provides for their customers. But not everyone understands that movies (like music) are legally protected from being used for commercial purposes without the copyright owners’ consent. Just like a restaurant has to pay a supplier for the food it purchases to prepare for its customers, it also has to pay a rights organization for the copyrighted entertainment it also provides to them. However, whereas music rights organizations are by now known and understood for the services they provide, there have never been similar, legitimate companies operating on behalf of film and television producers operating in Thailand.

Absolute-NT was therefore established upon its clients’ encouragement to provide Thai business operators and service providers with an administratively convenient, cost-effective means to enable the continued every-day use and enjoyment of movies and TV shows without upsetting their routine or modifying their behavior.

How We Do It

Representing thousands of titles across every genre of entertainment, Absolute NT is the only authorized distributor acting on our clients’ behalf servicing non-theatrical markets throughout Thailand in the hospitality, retail, lifestyle, and educational sectors.


Whether you're a beach club, a restaurant, a bar, or a hotel, a school, a campground, a membership club, or a place of worship we can enable your legal use and enjoyment of our clients' award-winning feature films in a wide variety of non-theatrical markets.

Copyright Law

We ensure compliance with section 15 and 28 of the Thai Copyright Act B.E. 2537 (1994) against the unauthorized communication to the public of our represented audiovisual and cinematographic works


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Who We Represent

Who We Service

  • Bars
  • Beach Clubs
  • Campgrounds
  • Community Centres
  • Condominiums
  • Conference Centres
  • Corporations
  • Film Clubs and Film Events
  • Hostels and Hotels
  • Libraries
  • Membership Clubs
  • Museums
  • Outdoor Events and Screenings
  • Places of Worship
  • Recreational Centres
  • Resorts
  • Restaurants

Among others…


We know that copyright can be confusing to people; we’re here to educate.

Copyright laws encourage the creation and publication of new works by extending certain exclusive rights to creators in and for their works. This is to compensate the talent, energy and resources needed to sustain and incentivize their continued output. Intellectual property rights provide the basis for the entertainment industries and all the books, music, movies, and television programs that we’ve all come to know and love.

DVDs are purchased subject to the legal restriction that they are to be used for private, home use only unless otherwise permitted by the copyright owner. Playing a DVD outside of your home, and particularly within a business environment, means you are publicly communicating it and you need permission to do that. We provide that permission on behalf of our represented producer clients.

Just like DVDs, online streaming and paid download services are all restricted by their terms and conditions to private, home use only. Copyright owners don’t give these services the right to publicly perform their works, so those services can’t extend those rights to you. But we can, and that’s why we exist.

Unauthorized public communication of audiovisual or cinematographic works is an infringement of the copyright owner’s exclusive right. Depending on the circumstances, penalties for such infringements can include imprisonment for up to 4 years, a fine of up to 800,000 baht, or both.

The fees for an Absolute-NT Screening License™ vary depending on the circumstances of the intended market and the particular usage(s) but are purposefully modest and reasonable, intended to serve the “long view” purpose of raising awareness about intellectual property rights while still compensating creators for the public’s use and enjoyment of their works. We seek to permit, rather than prohibit, the public consumption of our clients’ filmed entertainment on terms that are fair and affordable.

According to the Thai Copyright Act, it doesn’t matter whether you assess charges, either directly or indirectly, for showing filmed entertainment or whether that activity is just an occasional, secondary part of your operations. The public communication of movies or television programs still requires permission from the copyright owner and we grant those permissions on behalf of our represented producer clients.

Audiovisual and cinematographic works are protected under Thai law regardless of whether any sounds accompany them. You need permission from the copyright owner to communicate a work publicly, even if the sound is turned off, or whether you play the entire work or only part of it.

There are no exceptions under Thai law allowing public or private schools, at any level of education or for any purpose, to show movies or television programs for the purpose of instruction or otherwise.

We enable the use and enjoyment of our represented titles in just about any non-theatrical public environment you can think of. While we are not involved with theatrical distribution and leave cineplexes and traditional movie theaters to be licensed as they always have been, market operators and service providers across Thailand in the hospitality, health care, transportation, education, government services, and the retail sectors among others can now screen movies for their customers legally through our services.

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